Healing hearts through the arts 

How to express through thoughts  words, music and movements.... what  your heart feels! 

Sharing our lives through the art of love, we too become more whole and compassionate, living an Harmonious, happier, exiting, satisfying life! 


    Our Projects

The projects that touch our feelings are many and all humanly important, therefore to be able to carry out, implement and realize them, we need to raise funds that will enable us to bring awareness, educate and find solutions. 

Our next project is:  




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 By doing the things that you love, everything becomes easer.

If you sing, dance, act, play an instrument, arrange music, choreography, Photo&video maker. story teller, healing comedian, even help in the kitchen, we all have gifts, whatever  yours is put it to good use!

Get involved and volunteer ....

"To do great work,  you need great  love"!

         Our Mission

Inspiring adults, teens and children, through the power of the arts, in order to achieve the release and relief of emotional stresses due to negative events, according to their individual needs, based not only on our training but also on our personal healing achievements of the body, mind and spirit.  

 Working closely with other organizations and community organizers, locally and around the world.

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